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Range of application for Essig IP–Moles

Essig IP–Moles are available in 14 basic versions and can be modified by us in length as well as in diameter to match your individual wishes and thus the precise needs of the construction site.

The field of application of the IP–Moles can additionally be adapted by optimally coordinated enhancements and acessories to fit the numerous daily requirements.


In the sector of ground displacement pipes ranging in diameter from 150 mm up to 200 mm and with a length of up to 30 m can be layed.

Whenever ground displacement is not possible pipe ramming is the answer. An open ended steel pipe is rammed through the ground displacing soil only to the wall thickness of the pipe being used. The inner core of spoil is then blown out using air or water. Using the appropriate type of ip-mole steel pipes ranging from DN 70 to DN 1400 may be layed up to 60 m depending on the conditions of the ground.


Further applications of IP–Moles are within the so-called PCS-System. The system utilises the dynamic energy of the IP–Mole in combination with a anvil head and supported by a hydraulic winch in order to destroy a pipe selected for renovation. Within the same process the fragments are displaced into the surrounding soil and a new pipe is pulled in. Renovations of old pipes ranging from DN 75 to DN 600 and with a length of up to 120 serial meters are possible.


As an alternative to the dynamic pipe bursting system hydraulic powered machines of the T-series offer the possibility of a vibration-free, static pipe bursting of old pipes from DN 75 to DN 1500. A length of up to 250 m can be renovated.

i.e. laying of a pipe starting from within a house
i.e. laying of a pipe starting from within a house

Essig IP-Moles basic versions

Essig IP-Mole productrange
14 basic versions of IP-Moles, modular and extensible