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IP Application

Examples for the application of the IP–Moles, with the extensive acessories Essig–IP–Moles offer the user nearly unlimited applicabilities for daily work.

i.e. laying of a pipe starting from within a house

i.e. creating a blind via-hole

i.e. laying of a pipe without traffic disruption

Setting up the device using directional loop and launching cradle
tl_files/Essig_daten/ip_einsatz/ausrichten.jpg tl_files/Essig_daten/ip_einsatz/startziel.jpg

Reaching the target pit tl_files/Essig_daten/ip_einsatz/ziel.jpg

Horizontally and vertically applicable 

Essig-IP moles work in two-stroke cycle. This technique offers directional stability due to the design and thus has proven highly accurate.Using the Essig IP-System you are equipped for the various requirements of laying or renovating of supply or disposal lines.