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About us

For over 40 years IP-Moles for trenchless laying and renovation of pipes and cables have been sold and produced by the company H. Jürgen Essig. Due to economic and ecological advantages the trenchless method has since then more and more prevailed. With our machines we have continously accompanied this development and are glad to be able to offer you convenient advice and solutions for your projects based on our range of products and our long-time experience.

Illustration pipe installation shown in cross-section
pipe installation shown in cross-section

The economic aspect

  • hardly any damage of valuable surfaces
  • no complex renewal of surfaces, i.e. of streets or sidewalks. This is a main reason for the use of ip-moles.
  • faster laying of pipes and cables and as a result a smaller amount of time needed for the construction site
  • enlarged customer base due to privat construction and renovation requests

additional benefits:

  • the avoidance and reduction of traffic disruption at the construction site by the use of smaller construction pits
  • a reduction of noise as a result of a smaller need for traffic at the construction site
  • in most cases the need for a fee required storage for spoil ceases when using an open coverage type
preparing the bore path
preparing the bore path